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Wednesday 28th July 2021
How to make friends and maximise your research

James Eyke from Just Eat

As designers and researchers, we pride ourselves on being the voice of the user. We proactively look to learn all about them, promote this knowledge, design for their needs and identify ourselves as THE experts on our users. But what happens if we aren’t? And if we aren’t, who is? Tonight we’ll look to identify who your experts really are and how they can help maximise your research.

About this month's speaker

James Eyke

In my time I've been a researcher and then a designer but have now made the move from maker to manager. I currently look after an international team of designers working on the Operations tooling for Just Eat Takeaway.com


Evening Schedule

  1. 5:30pm - 5.45pm: Introduction
  2. 5.45pm - 6.30pm: The main event

Previous Events

May 2021:
Digital sustainability

Dr Pete Underwood from The Scouts

Video coming soon!

Life-centred design, planet-centred design, sustainable UX, digital sobriety and digital waste - these are not fashionable buzz words or trends but the industry’s response to what is happening to the planet. As much as we love using technology, today it is accountable for 4% of worldwide carbon emissions which is more than the entire civil aviation contribution. As UX professionals, we have a very important role in developing and shaping services in a sustainable way. But where to start?


March 2021:
Designing for THE HUMAN MIND

Hugo Nikols from Bunnyfoot Ltd

How can we use our knowledge of the human brain to become better designers? Come and join me as we delve deep into the workings of the human brain and explore how our knowledge of human perception can help us become better designers. In this short talk we’ll look at: How our brains make sense of images Ways to write better content by understanding the way we read What tricks to use to grab the reader’s attention How to influence people’s decision making If you’re a generally curious person, you judge the designs made by others (for your job or just for fun) or want to improve the impact of your designs, maximise conversions, optimise landing pages, and create effective dashboards and adverts – this talk is for you!


November 2020:

Rolf Molich from Dialogue Design

Rolf Molich presents specific examples of ambitious goals for UX maturity which UX professionals can strive for in their organisation. The goals are presented in the form of two scenarios or stories about personas who work for, or are customers of Delta Market, which is a fictitious chain of supermarkets that has reached the highest UX maturity level according to generally accepted UX maturity models.


September 2020:
Designing Public Service Experiences of the Future

David Bailey from The BBC

David talked about the BBC’s UX&D department - its structure, its culture and how its user-centred practice is influencing the ongoing digital transformation of the BBC.


July 2020:
We're all user-centred, aren't we?

Chris Burns from English Institute of Sport

We all want our teams, products and services to be user-centred, but making that happen consistently, is difficult. We all have our biases and make assumptions, often without realising that’s what we’re doing. In this talk, Chris talked through some of the challenges that he and his team faced whilst creating a range of products and services for Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches and support staff.


May 2020:
Navigation, navigation, navigation

Khash Faiz from Sky Bet

How users find what they’re looking for is fundamental to their perception of ease-of-use of a system. Where a user would expect to find something is based on their past experiences, interactions with other systems, and might not be logical. This talk provided a detailed and honest explanation of the research & design process of an on-going project to improve the high-level navigation of Sky Bet. The talk also touched on some high-level insights into ethics at Sky Betting and Gaming as a betting and gambling company.


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