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Wednesday 31st March 2021
Designing for THE HUMAN MIND

Hugo Nickols from Bunnyfoot

How can we use our knowledge of the human brain to become better designers? Come and join me as we delve deep into the workings of the human brain and explore how our knowledge of human perception can help us become better designers. In this short talk we’ll look at:

  • How our brains make sense of images
  • Ways to write better content by understanding the way we read
  • What tricks to use to grab the reader’s attention
  • How to influence people’s decision making

If you’re a generally curious person, you judge the designs made by others (for your job or just for fun) or want to improve the impact of your designs, maximise conversions, optimise landing pages, and create effective dashboards and adverts – this talk is for you!

About this month's speaker

Hugo Nickols

Hugo joined Bunnyfoot in early 2018 as a Consultant, bringing a huge amount of knowledge of both the financial services and charity sectors to the team. Since coming on board, he’s gained extensive experience in conducting usability testing, diary studies, workshops and other UX research methodologies.

In his spare time, Hugo likes playing squash, tennis and taking on hiking trails like the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. He’s also a bit of a sci-fi geek and will share his movie knowledge with anyone who asks.

Hugo studied Psychology at the Institute of Psychosynthesis, prior to this was working as a researcher at the Institute of Philanthropy. After running the research function of a listed Executive Search business for a few years, Hugo wanted to move into a more creative role – which led him to Bunnyfoot. Just some of Hugo’s recent project have been for EDF, Tesco, Sky, Pentland Brands and the Lawn Tennis Association.


Evening Schedule

  1. 5:30pm - 5.45pm: Introduction
  2. 5.45pm - 6.30pm: The main event

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David Bailey from The BBC

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We all want our teams, products and services to be user-centred, but making that happen consistently, is difficult. We all have our biases and make assumptions, often without realising that’s what we’re doing. In this talk, Chris talked through some of the challenges that he and his team faced whilst creating a range of products and services for Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes, coaches and support staff.


May 2020:
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Khash Faiz from Sky Bet

How users find what they’re looking for is fundamental to their perception of ease-of-use of a system. Where a user would expect to find something is based on their past experiences, interactions with other systems, and might not be logical. This talk provided a detailed and honest explanation of the research & design process of an on-going project to improve the high-level navigation of Sky Bet. The talk also touched on some high-level insights into ethics at Sky Betting and Gaming as a betting and gambling company.


Jan 2020:
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Iannish Posooa from what3words

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November 2019:

Mårten Jönsson from Google

Mårten Jönsson is a Senior Design Manager at Google, leading the Android UX team in London. Among other things, he’s worked on Google’s Digital Wellbeing effort, Android Go for emerging markets, Android’s Enterprise features, and Google Fit. In this talk, Mårten shared some of his learnings from working with new internet users, and how to design products that reach users who have recently come online, as well as some insights that will help designers create successful products for the next billion internet users.


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