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Wednesday 27th May 2020
Navigation, navigation, navigation

Khash Faiz from Sky Bet

How users find what they’re looking for is fundamental to their perception of ease-of-use of a system. Where a user would expect to find something is based on their past experiences, interactions with other systems, and might not be logical.

This talk will provide a detailed and honest explanation of the research & design process of an on-going project to improve the high-level navigation of Sky Bet.

The talk will also touch on some high-level insights into ethics at Sky Betting and Gaming as a betting and gambling company.

About this month's speaker

Khash Faiz

Khash Faiz is a User Experience Architect at Sky Betting and Gaming in a central team looking after the user experience of onboarding, account access, account management, payments, and the digital touchpoints of safer gambling tools across 12 products.

Khash studied User Experience Design at Loughborough University and is passionate about Human-Centred Design.


Evening Schedule

  1. 5:30pm - 5.45pm: Introduction
  2. 5.45pm - 6.30pm: The main event

Previous Events

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Iannish Posooa from what3words

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November 2019:

Mårten Jönsson from Google

Mårten Jönsson is a Senior Design Manager at Google, leading the Android UX team in London. Among other things, he’s worked on Google’s Digital Wellbeing effort, Android Go for emerging markets, Android’s Enterprise features, and Google Fit. In this talk, Mårten shared some of his learnings from working with new internet users, and how to design products that reach users who have recently come online, as well as some insights that will help designers create successful products for the next billion internet users.


September 2019:
Adventures in digital transformation

Lawrence Kitson from Independent Consultant

Everyone seems to be having a digital transformation right now. As designers and researchers, our work is more important than ever and has a material impact on the organisations we are working in or with. Isn’t this what we always wanted? So why is it so hard? Lawrence talked about his experiences over the last few years applying design to strategic problems, shared some of the projects he’s worked on the things learned along the way that will help you in your work in the future.


July 2019:
Intensive care – redesigning NHS.UK

Dean Vipond from NHS Digital

How do you take one of the most trusted brands in the UK, and its 10-year-old website, and help both prepare for the future of healthcare? Dean talked about the experience of leading the redesign of the NHS website (www.nhs.uk). Over the last year-and-a-bit, he has been involved with a number of projects intended to prepare the National Health Service for delivering services in a way its users need and expect in the coming years.


May 2019:
UX and Design Research horror stories

Mila Kayukala from Bunnyfoot Ltd

Have you ever been in a research project situation when you are stuck with the only thought in your mind, “I wish I knew that before!”? In this talk, Mila shared UX and Design Research horror stories to laugh at, question and ultimately learn from. Some of the areas covered: ‘When to play a psychologist role and when a police investigator’, ‘How not to overdo with numbers, material and smiles’, ‘How to screw up with tech, place or time’. We all have those stories so bring them along and let’s have an open discussion on how to prepare for, improvise and mitigate those stressful/awkward/ “Gosh, why is it happening to me?” situations.


March 2019:
Behind the Curtain: UX Research for Voice

Charlotte Davies from The BBC

With 50% of searches expected to be done using voice in 2020, the BBC has been experimenting in the Voice space for a while. If pauses are the new pixels, what does this mean for the UX process? How do you test a conversation? Charlotte shared what she has learnt from doing research on this platform, including what methods you can use and what challenges you might face.


Future UX Sheffield Events

Date Venue Description Speaker  
27th May 2020 Online Webinar Navigation, navigation, navigation Khash Faiz Register
29th July 2020 TBC TBC TBC  

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